Sugar Land Dealership Helps House Wounded Vets

  1D9B8340On Veteran’s Day, Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land launched its Raise a Roof, House a Hero campaign. Don Kerstetter, owner of the Sugar Land dealership, has pledged to use money raised by the event towards the construction of a mortgage-free home in the Fort Bend County area. The home will be custom built by Operation… read more.

Video: Car Pro News from Classic Chevy Sugar Land

The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds talks about Ford Motor Company and the new technology they are adding to police vehicles to monitor officer driving activity, Ferrari regains it’s Independence from Fiat Chrysler, Audi’s Limited Edition R8 Competition becomes the companies most powerful road production vehicle ever made and GM’s Firebird III Concept developmental model, which… read more.

Celebrate Christmas in Sugar Land

texassanta1-200x158At first glance, Sugar Land, TX doesn’t appear to be the sort of city that would offer an abundance of Christmas cheer. This isn’t meant as a knock, but when you think of Sugar Land the first words that tend to come to mind are “orderly” and “groomed,” rather than “festive” or “colorful.” As the… read more.

Video: Classic Chevy Sugar Land Car Pro News

In this episode of 60 Second Car Pro News brought to you by Classic Chevy Sugar Land, the Car Pro Jerry Reynolds talks about the recall on defective airbags from multiple auto makers, Dodge resuming the production of the Dodge Viper with a $15k price cut and Ford revving up EV sales by reducing its… read more.

Video: Car Pro Jerry Reynolds talks about backup cameras

The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds talks about the importance of backup cameras and the amount of accidents that happen with vehicles without them. By 2018 most vehicles will be equipped with backup cameras and you can easily add a backup camera to any vehicle. Video Transcription: Hi, this is Jerry Reynolds and in Houston there… read more.