GM to Build Chevy Silverado at Oshawa for New Agreement

Chevrolet Silverado                     The General Motors Company is planning on building future Chevrolet Silverados at the Canadian Oshawa Assembly Plant as a new part of its four-year agreement with the auto union. Sources say that though plans are tentative for now, this planned union could potentially result in… read more.

The All New Corvette Grand Sport

corvette Chevrolet does a great job at listening to their customers when creating their vehicles. When drivers wanted an affordable sports car that can keep up with European cars, Chevrolet came out with the Stingray. When drivers asked for a bigger engine, they received the Z06. Now, with customers asking for something in between, Chevrolet has… read more.

Make The Spark a Back-To-School Purchase

chevy spark Often when a student is looking for a new or used car, it can be difficult to find one within their budget that is in good condition and will last a long time. Used certified pre-owned vehicles are a good alternative to new ones, but if you can stretch your budget then there are cars… read more.

Chevy Competes with Tesla

chevy volt tesla After 10 years of testing, Tesla has finally announced the release of their 2017 Model 3 sedan. Promising to release one of the first affordable mass production electric cars, Tesla has already received over 115,000 preorders. While Tesla prepares to release the Model 3, there is another car that is competing for the same type… read more.

Chevrolet Cuts Data Price in Half

Chevy IotChevy Iot With the introduction of IoT (internet of things) many car makers have been adding LTE access to their vehicles to allow drivers to sync their mobile devices with their cars. For the past two years more than two million Chevy cars have been sold with 4G LTE data connections. Chevy became one of… read more.